Meditation is basically a practice that enables to calm as well as rewind the body plus the mind in order to make it easier to achieve self-actualization (nirvana), spiritual enlightenment or curing. Speaking in an easier manner, meditation is actually being seated or lying down and unwinding. When our body as well as mind remains in such tranquil condition, the energies of our body function effortlessly and also additionally resourcefully, enabling the body to cure itself and also the mind to train itself.

People in India as well as the Orient have been practicing meditation for several thousand years now and currently it has been proved to be really facilitating the therapeutic process. Among the several excellent things related to meditation, one is that it may be performed by any individual belonging to any age group and devoid of any paraphernalia whatsoever. In addition, everyone who practices meditation may find it extremely helpful. Practicing meditation just needs a human being and some time.

Initially, meditation was intended for helping in achieving profound understanding of the hallowed as well as supernatural forces of life. However, currently, meditation is generally practiced to unwind oneself as well as reduce stress.

Meditation is believed to be a kind of harmonizing medication for the body and mind. It results in a profound state of recreation as well as a peaceful mind. When you are meditating, you actually concentrate on something and do away with the flow of messy thinking which may possibly be swarming your mind and, thereby, causing tension. The process of meditation leads to augmented physical as well as emotional health.

When you practice meditation, it endows you with a feeling of sereneness, tranquility and stability that assist your general well-being, in addition to your emotional health. Moreover, these advantages do not stop even long after your meditation session. Meditation has the aptitude to facilitate in carrying your further tranquilly during your day and may perhaps also help in improving specific medical conditions.

While you are practicing meditation, you are able to clean up the burden of information that accumulated daily and also adds to your tension. In addition, meditation also offers numerous emotional benefits. It helps to gain a novel outlook on tense situations; increase self-awareness; develop skills to deal with one's tensions/ traumas; focus on the present or concentrate on the current time and also lessen pessimistic emotions.

Meditation may also prove to be beneficial provided you are suffering from any health condition, particularly which may possibly deteriorate due to tension. Even as an increasing number of scientific studies have endorsed the benefits obtained by practicing meditation, there are a number of researchers who are of the view that one cannot still come to any conclusion regarding the potential advantages of meditation.

Keeping this in mind, a number of studies hint that meditation may possibly assist in a number of medical conditions, for instance, nervous disorders, allergic reactions, binge eating, asthma, depression, cancer, heart ailments, exhaustion, pain, high blood pressure (hypertension), substance abuse and even sleep disorders.

Postures for meditation

The right posture is of great significance for practicing meditation. You can practice meditation while sitting, kneeling and also lying down.

Sitting on the floor: Be seated with your back against the wall; keep your legs stretched out, while your feet should be kept together. At the same time, keep your hands in rest carelessly on your lap.

Sitting on a chair: Meditation can also be practiced while sitting on a chair. Be seated on a hard, although comfortable chair keeping your head somewhat leaning frontward. Like in the case of sitting on the floor, keep your hands in a resting position on your lap.

Kneeling: You may practice meditation while kneeling. In this case, you need to be seated on your heels while keeping your back in an upright position and your head somewhat leaned frontward. Keep your hands lightly rested on your lap.

Lying down: Meditation can also be practiced while lying down. In this case, you need to lie down in a horizontal position on your back and keep your legs flat on the ground too. Alternately, you may keep your knees folded and your feet at level on the ground, while keeping your hands relaxed on both sides.

The lotus position: The lotus position is a complicated posture for performing meditation. To practice meditation in this posture, you should be seated keeping your legs crossed, while the foot of one leg rests on the thigh of the other. This posture is known as the half lotus position. Alternately, you may rest both your feet on the thighs, while resting your hands on your knees or your lap. This posture is known as the full lotus position.


The manner in which you breathe while practicing meditation is of great importance. It is advisable that during meditation you ought to always breathe by means of your nose, while keeping the mouth closed. In addition, you ought to take slow, deep and relaxed breaths.

Simple relaxation meditation

In order to perform or practice meditation you would require a cozy and warm place where you can sit or lie down and would not be bothered by anyone. Provided you have a telephone, you should unplug it or switch it off prior to beginning your meditation session. You should be seated or lie down at ease and loosen up. You need to close up your eyes and allow all the apprehensions and concerns to get out of your mind and simply focus on your breathing. Subsequently, consider every part of your body unwinding. Start from the toes and work the entire body, while you relax all the muscles mentally till your entire body is in a condition of profound rest. At the same time, enable your attention to sweep over you and simply focus on your inhalation. In case your mind is engaged or busy, simply relocate all your energies and once again focus on your breathing. When you have been able to unwind your entire body, you will be able to take pleasure in this meditative condition for about 15 to 30 minutes depending on what the time permits. Generally, it takes a minimum of about 20 minutes for any beginner to achieve a meditative condition.

If you feel that it is already time to end the meditation session, take a small number of deep breaths gently and open your eyes. Then, you ought to get up slowly to prevent any grave hard work instantly following the meditation session. You should give ample time to your body and mind to accustom yourself prior to undertaking any demanding physical or mental work. In case you are feeling a little dazed or woozy following the meditation session, you need to try and walk barefoot on grass or do some ordinary chi kung work-outs to aid you to get back your energy levels.

Learning meditation

If you are keen to learn meditation, you should know that several clubs as well as courses for teaching meditation are available these days. In fact, many patients are presently being referred to meditation teachers by their family doctors, many of whom conduct meditation classes in their respective clinics on a regular basis, as meditation has proved to facilitate in combating all types of stress or tension. In addition, numerous yoga, chi kung and tai chi classes also teach meditation. It may be noted that tai chi is frequently referred to as 'moving meditation'. It is extremely easy to learn meditation and it becomes all the more powerful when you practice it more often.

Guided meditation

Guided meditation is actually a type of rumination wherein the individual practicing meditation is instructed or shown what he or she ought to do and the manner in which they should make use of their thoughts. Guided meditation helps to result in profound states of internal tranquility and calming down.

In order to perform the guided meditation, you first need to find a calm location where no one will disturb you. Once you have located the place, you may either be seated or lie down in a meditative stance. Calm your mind down and pay attention to the words that are being spoken or played on the tape recorder. Allow your thoughts to on a flight to discover a unique place. If you desire so, you may create any innate scene that will help you to be calm and comfortable and, at the same time, live through the scenery's colors, fragrance and sounds.

When you have become skilled at taking trips to your special location, you would be able to accomplish it any time at your will´┐Ż and devoid of any guide. In fact, you will be in a position to travel to your special place on a train, in the bathtub, in the park or anywhere you may like. All that you are required to do is to close up your eyes and just imagine. It may be noted that many people actually find journeying to their special place an excellent stress buster. In case you also try it, it is definitely significant to consider allowing yourself time to come back smoothly to usual consciousness once you depart from your unique place.

When you are confronted with any problem next time and are unable to get a solution, it is advisable that you take just about 10 minutes to visit your special place and unwind. The tranquility and liberty you will go through by means of your subliminal mind will provide you with the prospect of working on the problem, even as you are relaxing. You may be surprised to find that following the meditation session, a solution to the problem suddenly bangs into your alert mind.