Organ Cleansing - Kidney

Organ Cleansing

In order to ensure the optimum health of the kidneys you need to get rid of all infections and kidney stones, if there are any. Undertaking a kidney cleanse/ detoxification helps to get rid of all irksome metabolic wastes, harmful chemicals as well as crystal deposits. In addition, a kidney cleanse should also help to reinstate the harmed cells with new, vigorous cells.

The detoxification process is extremely vital for us to remain healthy and detoxifying the kidneys is especially important for this. The kidney detoxification entails a filtering procedure within our body for rinsing out water and other dissolved substances as well as to regulate the production of blood cells. Kidney detox is also useful for sustaining the pH levels of the blood and, at the same time, completely getting rid of detrimental substances from the body. It may be noted that the functioning of our kidneys is very much akin to that of water filters. Our kidneys clean the blood, while getting rid of the undesirable substances. Thereby, the kidneys have a vital function in maintaining a healthy system.

Our kidneys are functioning all the time and it is very important to detoxify this particular organ on a regular basis. The Chinese believe that the kidneys form the hub of the genetic energy in humans, which is passed on to an individual right at his/ her birth. When our kidneys function efficiently, it helps us to live a long life. This particular aspect emphasizes the value of detoxifying the kidneys.

It is essential to maintain an appropriate detox diet if you wish to cleanse the kidneys properly. First of all, you need to lessen your intake of salt and sugar. In case you consume excessive of sugary or salty foods, it will upset the calcium metabolism.

At the same time, it is important that your diet contains freshly obtained fruit juices, as they are very helpful for kidney detoxification. Drinking a glass of vegetable or fresh fruit juice has the ability to cleanse, invigorate, reinforce as well as develop the body system, in addition to facilitating the detoxification of the entire system. Organically grown vegetables and fruits are excellent for the detoxification process.

Water is considered to be the most excellent detoxifying agent, particularly in the case of the kidneys. Therefore, it is important that you should drink ample water every day. For instance, it is necessary for an adult to drink as much as eight to 10 glasses of water daily. Consuming plenty of water may help in lowering and also avoiding mineral salts from developing into kidney stones that usually obstruct the functioning of the kidneys and their purification process. Consumption of plenty of water is very important in any detoxification diet, because water possesses the aptitude to maintain the health of the kidneys by shielding them from various problems.

We are all familiar that cranberry fruit juice possesses the attribute to cleanse the kidneys. This fruit encloses high amounts of a nutriment known as proanthocyanidin, which should essentially be incorporated in every detox diet. Since proanthocyanidin also possesses antioxidant properties, it facilitates the kidneys to get rid of metabolic wastes and toxic substances.

When you are drinking fruit juices with the objective to detoxify the kidneys, it is important to keep away from all types of canned fruit juices. In fact, canned juices contain preservatives as well as sugar in the form of additives, which are harmful for our kidneys. It is very easy to prepare fresh vegetable and/ or fruit juices at home. These fresh juices contain lots of essential nutriments, such as vitamins, proteins, minerals and enzymes. Once you have detoxified the kidneys, you will be able to notice significant improvement in your health as well as the health of the skin. For instance, your eyes will become further white, the skin will glow and the tissues will be healthier. Kidney detoxification also offers additional benefits, such as curing arthritis, liver problems, hypertension (high blood pressure), overtiredness, various forms of cancer as well as other symptoms and health issues.


As aforementioned, it is essential to drink no less than 8 to 10 glasses (each glass equivalent to 8 oz) tolerated or bottled water daily during the period you are detoxifying the kidneys. You should only drink water, since vegetable or fruit juices, sodas and/ or beverages containing caffeine cannot be an alternative for water.

Even when the detoxification process is complete, you should continue drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day. This is important because water facilitates the detoxification of the kidneys. In addition, it also helps to dilute the urine, thereby putting off mineral and salt concentrations from developing into kidney stones.


The type of diet we take influences the health of our kidneys in a major way. Therefore, it is advisable that you should stay away from foods that contain caffeine; sweetened and salty foods; and soft drinks, which are not only harmful for our kidneys, but also obstruct their filtering capability. In addition, you should also keep yourself away from foods that are mucus-forming, such as heavy grains, fats, starches and all types of dairy products. Pursuing a diet that is not high in sugar, salt and fat content will help in alleviating inflammation as well as irritation, besides holding back the formation of sediments in the kidneys.

Furthermore, try to avoid consuming foods and drinks that cause irritation to the kidneys, for instance too much protein and alcohol. When you consume sugar in excess, it results in the secretion of insulin, which, in turn, raises the calcium levels in the bloodstream. This may further enhance the risk of kidney stone formation. Avoid consuming uncooked spinach and the herb rhubarb, since they contribute to kidney stone formation.

Consuming citric acid too aids in putting off kidney stone formation. Hence, it is suggested that you add some lemon juice to a glass of tepid water and drink it every morning. This herbal formula may be taken during as well as after undergoing the kidney detoxification process. It may be noted that lemons help to hold back the formation of kidney stones and this is attributed to the citric acid they enclose. However, be careful not to drink lemonade instead of the lemon juice and water formula, as lemonades generally contain very high sugar concentration.


Preventing the formation of kidney stones is a vital factor in sustaining the kidneys' health. It may be mentioned here that zinc works to impede the process of crystal formation in the kidneys. Therefore, it is advisable that you take zinc supplements in measures of anything between 50 mg and 80 mg in conjunction with about 2 mg to 3 mg copper - this will balance the intake of zinc. People who are susceptible to kidney stones should regularly use these two minerals in the above mentioned proportions.

In addition, consuming an uncooked kidney glandular - a condensed variety of animal kidney, also makes the kidneys stronger. This kidney glandular should be made from an organically bred, young, free-range animals, which have never been administered hormones.


Herbs are excellent for detoxifying the system, especially ginkgo biloba and the extract of goldenseal augment blood supplies to the kidneys. Both these herbs possess anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Apples are also regarded as a curative herb, especially for the kidneys. They work to cleanse, purify, sterilize as well as tone up the kidneys.

You can prepare an effective herbal cleanse by combining equal proportions of buchu leaves, bearberry leaves, cleavers, cayenne, corn silk, kelp, gravel root, parsley and juniper berries. Put this mixture into capsules and take five to eight of them every day. This herbal cleanse not only detoxifies and rinses the system, but also heals all types of infections in the urinary tract.

Caution: Individuals suffering from nephritis or those who are using diuretics very often ought to stay away from this herbal formula, as it also works in the form of a diuretic. Moreover, people using this herbal medication should avoid foods containing high amounts of sodium.


Undertaking regular work-outs also helps in cleansing the system, especially the kidneys. In fact, the blood of people who have very little physical movement or activities usually contains high amounts of calcium. When they exercise, the calcium is pushed to the bones, thereby, reducing the chances of having kidney stones. At the same time, exercise helps to get rid of the toxic substances, as it augments circulation and promotes perspiration.

Other cleansing measures

There are several other means which may help you to cleanse your system, for instance, take hot baths or saunas to promote perspiration. Sweating is essential because it helps to eliminate the surplus body fluid as well as toxic substances from the body by way of the skin pores - reducing the workload of the kidneys. Use essential oils in your bath water, as it will aid in alleviating the stress of the kidneys. You may use eight to ten drops of any two of these essential oils - chamomile, cedar wood, sandalwood, eucalyptus, lemon, geranium, or juniper.

In addition, you may also use homeopathic remedies that help to sustain the health of the kidneys or any complex homeopathic remedy that helps to cleanse the kidneys.