In the present day industrialized society, toxins or contaminants have become a basic part of our daily lives. Toxic wastes, insect killers, cigarettes, foul weather and injurious cleansing merchandise are just some of the diverse sources of pollutants that are detrimental for our health and may lead to the failure of the functioning of our body parts. Unfortunately, we come in contact with these toxins practically every day and they regularly cause havoc with our lives.

It may be mentioned here that these toxins are basically agents that have the aptitude of damaging our bodies. Primarily, there are three categories of toxins - exogenous, endogenous and autogenous toxins. While, pollutants that have their source externally are known as exogenous toxins (for instance, tobacco smoke, fumes exuded by vehicles, dental fillings, pollution caused by the factories, lead and other such issues), endogenous toxins are a result of viral or bacterial contagions. Endogenous toxins are basically spin-offs of the metabolism of specific bacteria and yeasts found in the bowel. Exogenous toxins also include emotional issues like stress, nervousness, depression and misery. On the other hand, autogenous toxins are produced by the body itself owing to metabolism such as acid in the stomach.

How can one rid himself from such damaging factors?

It is important to know that there are several methods by which one is able to get rid of the toxins from his or her body. First and foremost, one needs to change or regulate his or her lifestyle. The best way to get rid of the toxins in our body is exercise regularly. If anyone devotedly follows a regular exercise schedule, it will not only help him or her to get rid of the toxins in their body by means of sweating, but also improve the intensity of oxygen in their blood. In turn, this will supply them with greater levels of energy and also help to develop their concentration or focus. In addition, a bloodstream with sufficient levels of oxygen will enable a person to discharge toxins more effortlessly.

Apart from what has been talked about so far, making slight altercations in ones eating habits by means of cutting back on food intake will enhance his or her aptitude to discharge toxins from their body. For instance, vitamin C has established to invigorate the manufacture of glutathione, a liver amalgam that helps to shut out toxins, in the body. In fact, intake of fibrous food has also proved to be effective in detoxifying the body.

You will be happy to note that opening of detox foot spas are among the latest happenings in the field of detoxification. The detox foot spas function by transmitting a trivial current of energy or power throughout the body to invigorate the body and enable it to go back to its normal state of energy and equilibrium. In fact, the body is also able to take up the negative ions generated by the detox foot spa via the feet. Although the process may initially appear to be a quack's remedy, the detoxifying system has already earned rave reviews everywhere. In fact, today more and more chiropractic (a health care discipline and profession that emphasizes diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal complaints) and alternative medicine clinics across the nations are recommending detox foot spa to get the body rid of harmful toxins. It is interesting to note that the detox foot spa, also known as the detox foot bath, has proved to alleviate headaches, such as migraines, injury owing to sports activities and all sorts of skin disorders, including edema (accumulation of fluid in bodily tissues) and the like.

You may also get rid of the toxins accumulated in the body by means of fasting. Fasting not only enables our body to flush out the accumulated toxic and waste materials, but the procedure also aids in making our metabolism more effective and enables us to take up additional nourishing stuff from the food we consume daily. Although fasting is not as effortless as said, it is still believed to be among the best natural as well as effective methods to discharge the toxic materials accumulated in our body.

The most familiar sources of toxins

Toxins or venomous chemical substances are virtually present in all things that we come across in our daily lives. They are present in the water we drink, the air we inhale and even in the food stuff that we consume. Actually, we come in contact with toxins by means of preservatives in our food and cosmetics, food additives, herbicides, insect killers or insecticides, fumes exhausted by vehicles, fog, chemicals used in household work and even in the amalgams present in sanitation and beauty products. In fact, one would be surprised to learn that medications and vaccines may also enclose noxious compounds associated with adverse aftereffects. Hence, it is clear that the presence of such toxic chemical materials is itself a threat to our wellbeing and lives.

It is approximated that people usually come in contact with a huge quantity of such toxic compounds in their atmosphere regularly and only a trivial part of these harmful chemical substances sets off cancer. It is, therefore, not surprising to note that in a span of just a single year several billions of toxic chemical materials have contaminated the water supplies meant for civic use. Another several billons of poisonous compounds is estimated to have flown into the environment causing havoc to our ecology. It is really alarming to find that a significant number of compounds available in the market are never tested to ensure the consequences of the poison enclosed in them. And there is little doubt that these toxic chemical substances are accountable for many of the diseases endured by us. In fact, the list of such toxic chemical materials may actually be a never ending one, but below we present a few of them along with the adverse effects caused by them. This will help one to comprehend the amount of risks we encounter in our daily lives.

  • Dioxins (a class of super-toxic chemicals) are believed to be the worst man-made chemicals and have awfully serious side effects on hormones as well as the system associated with endocrine. The polluted fractions are prevalent and they may be found existing for a long period of time in the human surroundings.
  • Furans found in a wide variety of cooked or heat-processed foods also possess symptoms that lead to cancer and have a perilous and venomous chemical consequence in the endocrine system. Furans are an outcome of the manufacturing procedure of plastic materials.
  • There are numerous heavy metals that are usually influenced by the perilous toxic compounds present in different substances. Among these, arsenic, cadmium, mercury and lead are considered to be most hazardous for our health. These heavy metals undergo abnormal progressions and complete or systemic failures resulting in various cancerous ailments.
  • Mercury is present in materials associated with dental care, vaccinations for adults as well as infants and a range of thermometers, fish and luminous lights. In fact, the thermal power plants across the globe are also accountable for spreading mercury in the natural environment worldwide. Being a heavy metal, mercury sinks into the ground contaminating the ground water level.
  • Arsenic is a very common chemical that pollutes water extensively and is usually present near the areas where mining activities are rampant. People drinking or using water contaminated by arsenic are known to ensure serious physical side effects. During the last 20 to 30 years, arsenic has proved to be a useful chemical in the manufacture of conserved wooden buildings as well as other construction materials.
  • Lead is also found combined with poisonous compound materials and it helps in mining activities as well as in the production process of petroleum.
  • Cadmium, on the other hand, has frankly shown a remarkable increase as cigarette smoke caused by the smoking habits of people have led to serious side effects such as osteoporosis and kidney problems. To some extent, these disorders may be said to be the human contribution to contaminate the environment and thereby give rise to serious hazards to human health.
  • In addition to the above mentioned toxic chemical substances, polychlorinated biphenyl is also detrimental for the human health. The use of this chemical substance has been banned in the United States since 1976. Polychlorinated biphenyl is discharged as toxic effluents by a number of industries polluting the atmosphere where they are situated. What is worse is that this poisonous chemical substance often results in cancerous growths in people as well as other human disorders.
  • Many pesticides or insect killers, including organochlorine insecticides, DDT and other poisonous chemicals accumulated in the atmosphere resulting in the development of cancer as well as other ailments. Organophosphate insecticide that is generated as a result of metabolism is also toxic and detrimental for our nervous system. This toxic chemical is often present in many foods we consume.
  • It is disgusting to note that even many cosmetic products and children's engineering items contain a toxic chemical substance known as phthalates. Several countries in Europe have banned the use of this poisonous chemical that often results in masculine gender reproductive disorder at the time of birth.
  • The oil industries release certain volatile and semi-volatile organic chemical substances that have adverse influence on the human body and in many cases even results in cancerous growths in our body.

Food stuff also a general source of hazardous toxins

Although it may seem to be incredible, it is a fact that even the food stuff we consume every day encloses huge quantities of toxic compound materials. In fact, most of the foods that comprise colors and perfume, chemical additives, synthetic sweeteners, fortifiers and different other avoidable materials are packaged with additional contents. Such food products go through vast modifications or enhancements. For instance, it is possible to saturate specific dairy and non-vegetarian food products with elements extracted from specific hormones and antibiotics. However, scientists are yet to ascertain the penalty or threats of consuming such food for on a long-term basis. It may be mentioned here that if each of these foods are ingested separately, they may not prove to be very harmful for the body. However, if these foods are taken together it may prove to be considerably detrimental for our health. In fact, the continuous toxic chemical substances turned out by the foreign or unfamiliar compounds may only be established in due course, but, by then, it only would prove to be too late to counterbalance the harms done to the body.

It may be noted here that the preserved and packed up food consumed by many people are also extremely hazardous for the human system. In fact, most of the hazardous toxic materials found in our food stuff originate from the synthetic pesticides used by farmers in agriculture. When you go to shop for vegetables and fruits in the market, you may end up purchasing items that enclose huge amounts of different varieties of dangerous pesticides - both insecticides and herbicides. People who consume non-vegetarian foods are exposed to an increased hazard of extraneous threats that may contain nitrosamines and nitrates. These toxic chemical substances are usually found in processed non-vegetarian food items.